Premium vinyl Siding and shutters

I want to thank you for the beautiful siding job your company accomplished on our home. The white siding with the wineberry shutters and vents and the angled siding at the peaks has turned my home into the best looking house in our neighborhood. I really appreciate Marcus and the wonderful job he did on the installation. He never left the jobsite without cleaning up and removing all of the old siding and debris. It was done in a very professional and courteous manner. I also appreciated the fact that you worked around our vacation schedule. I will be singing the praises of K-Designers for a long time. Since we are in an older neighborhood, I expect a lot of my neighbors to start thinking about improving their homes. If they ask for a referral, I will gladly send them your way. Thanks again for my beautiful home.

Pamela & James Stack - Sandy, Utah
Premium vinyl Siding

We really are pleased with our new siding. My next door neighbor called and was ecstatic about the new look. My husband and I are always talking about how clean our house now looks. Friends have come by and felt we now live in a new street-attractive home. As to the comfort of our home - we have just started winter and have not been able to really compare. It will also depend on the severity of winter and the high cost of oil

James & Mona Trigg - Loyalton, California

Premium vinyl Siding

Thank you for our new siding. Neighbors and friends have expressed their approval of it. I am excited to see the beauty of new spring growth against the Everglade color of our home. It is a beautiful backdrop for our evergreen as well. When the wind blew at night, our old siding would rattle – keeping us awake at night. Now we sleep without being awakened. The sound of trains going by, about a half a mile away, is hardly noticed. One morning, I stepped out to pick up our paper and the train sounded so loud, but when I closed the door again, all I could hear was a dull rumble. We hardly notice the neighborhood dogs barking anymore. We haven’t had time to see if there is a difference in our heating bill, but I have taken up sheets that I had next to the baseboards and I can tell there is not the draft I used to notice. Ken, the man who did our siding, was conscientious and would let us know if and when he would be here. It was a pleasure to have him here.

Erwin & Elda Mae Pohlmann - Lincoln, Nebraska
Premium vinyl Siding

We really love our new siding that we purchased from you, and the color and choice of shutters that your sales representative showed us were awesome. The salesman that was here was very helpful with suggestions on products and colors. Also he helped us with the financing of the entire project, and explaining what will transpire as the job started. I had prepared some things for this project in and out of the house as instructed by the installation crew as per our phone conversation and they were here when they said they would to start. When the crew arrived I could not have asked for better. There were two guys, I believe a Father and Son team, and they were very professional and good at their work and pleasurable to be around. We do not have a large home; however, they finished the job in no time at all. We had some special requests for the crew to save the gutters and they did an excellent job for us. We are now very proud to tell others who we had do the work! Thank you K-Designers for our new home!!!

Charles and Lea Ann Snyder - Overton, Nebraska

Premium vinyl Siding

We really like the way the house looks – it made the property look a lot better. People say that they can see our house from the highway and that it brings the color out. They said it really changes the appearance of the house. They ask who did it and I say, ‘K-Designers did it.’ I cannot wait until the windows are in and the rest of the outside is done. There is a little difference now, but when the rest of the house is done, I think it will make a big difference. We have a lot to do outside to make our house stand out more. The garage did a lot to the property and people said that they can see it way down the highway. Thank you for our new home.

William & Doris Jory - Anaconda, Montana
Premium vinyl Windows

We really like our remodeling. The windows are really nice and the front storm door is letting in a lot more light than our old one. The biggest change of all was the garage doors and so much warmer now. Our family has commented on the changes, but so far no neighbors. Our work was done before the date on our contract and we were surprised by that. We don’t know a lot of the neighbors, but most have done some remodeling since we have moved here.

Rex & Mary Livingston - Fontanelle, Iowa