Premium vinyl Windows and Shutters

Our windows were installed in one day. We noticed immediately how much better we can see the outside when looking through the windows and there is so much less glare coming in through the glass to make visibility difficult and to cause an annoyance coming into the rooms. The work was done very neatly and clean up was complete, leaving no clutter, everything put back in order. The weather has been uncomfortably hot the past couple of days. We haven’t noticed the heat inside the house - it seems to be all on the outside. This will probably mean that the air conditioner will not need to be used as much as previously. Thank you so much for the excellent job.

Liliana & Truxton Craig - Los Banos, California
Premium vinyl Windows

I am very pleased with the windows and doors I purchased from K-Designers. Not only are they attractive, but I’ve noticed a difference in the draftiness on the interior of my home. Much cozier! I’m looking forward to seeing the difference in the cost of heating and cooling my home over the next year.

Paula Rothe - Hutchinson, Kansas

Premium Vinyl Windows

When we agreed to listen to your telling us about your vinyl windows, we already knew we needed replacements for our wood framed windows. We had a multitude of questions concerning your product. You were patient, responsive and knowledgeable. Since it took over six hours to answer our concerns, I would like to emphasize your patience. At no point did you pressure us to purchase. You presented a fabulous product and enlightened us to its quality. I thank you. However, that night was just the beginning. Your measurement man and your installers far exceeded any craftsman that previously worked on our homes. Your people were friendly, efficient, caring workmen who never once left a mess for someone else to clean up. They replaced our windows in below freezing weather enabling us to have them in place before the Christmas holidays. Our home is now warmer than ever. The view from the open-design windows has been greatly enhanced. The frames even match our siding. Our garage doors add a very classy touch. Thank you.

Linda & Jim Liller - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Premuim Vinyl Windows

Even though I have only had my new K-Designers windows only 1 week, I have already noticed a big difference. I don’t feel a cold breeze coming in around my windows any longer. I don’t hear my heater coming on as frequently as it did before. I can leave my drapes, shades and blinds up/or open. I love to be allowed to look through my windows all day without causing me higher SMUD/PG&E bills. I used to have the same problems in the summertime when it could go up to 110 degrees; I had to keep the drapes and blinds closed to keep the house cooler. Now, I have tinted windows and my shades are up and my drapes are open. I have now taken down my blinds. I am really looking forward to the summertime now! I can’t wait to see my next SMUD/PG&E bills. I know there will be a big difference after I have had these K-Designers windows installed. It all boils down to that I am expecting that I can keep window coverings up, house lights off and energy bills down! Thank you from a very pleased customer.

Irene Shockowitz - Folsom, California

Premium Vinyl windows

“I wanted to write to express how grateful I am to K-Designers for giving my mother “A New Home at the Old Address!” I had seen some of the amazing before and after photos on your web site and recommended your company to my mother. My father had passed away several years ago and my mother has been trying to maintain a 4-bedroom home and 1.5 acre property by herself. It had become apparent, due to her advancing age and health that she would need to sell her home and property sometime in the near future.She had also indicated that her utility bills were very high and she wanted to do something about the rising cost. Her home was built in 1964 and still had the original aluminum windows. I knew that by simply replacing her old windows

Beverly Duff-McGhee - Rancho Cordova, California Read more
Premium vinyl windows and shutters

I just want to thank you for your speedy installation of your dual pane windows. My neighbors and family have commented on how nice the house looks. The house does indeed look like a new house. I am enjoying the ease in opening and closing the windows. The house had the original metal sliding windows, which had become quite difficult for me to open them and close them. Now it is a pleasure to open and close the windows when letting in the cooler outside air, especially during the spring and summer months. During the summer months I was amazed at how much cooler the house stayed throughout the day. Now that the days are cooler the house once heated, remains warm until the cool evening and night hours. Consequently, my utility bills are less because of my using the air conditioner and heater fewer hours per day. The locking system on the windows is very good, which gives me a sense of security. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed that your installers were completely finished by the end of the work day. I thought that the job would take more than one day to complete. Also, the installers were very considerate and helpful when I asked questions about the windows and/or installation process. I really do feel like I have “A New Home at the Old Address.”

Christina Duff - Carmichael, California