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Stone Composite

Create the look of natural stone siding for a fraction of the price!

When stone composite is requested within our specialized America’s Dream Home Siding Designs, we always use the most trusted brand in the nation — TandoStone. With its sleek and gorgeous designs combined with its TruGrit technology, stone composite is unlike it has ever been before.  

Impenetrable to moisture and mold, TandoStone ensures that wherever it is used, it insulates and protects from any external issues that could cause later structural problems within your home. It truly is the solution for homeowners looking to renovate their home’s exterior.  

TandoStone, like any product, requires some level of maintenance – but this is minimal. If installed correctly and in line with the manufacturer’s intentions, the maintenance will be limited. Ensure that you occasionally wash down the stone composite to remove any dirt buildups and to prevent any stains from weather-induced issues and inspect it biannually for any issues.  

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