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Awning Windows

Combining both style and functionality, offering a space-efficient alternative to traditional styles!

With latches hinging the window from the top and easy to open with the use of a lockable winder – awning, America’s Dream Awning Windows is the solution to those who require an increase in ventilation and light. 

To keep your America’s Dream Awning Windows gleaming and allow beautiful scenery to be visible, maintenance is key. Awning windows are recognized for their challenging cleaning requirements, however, there is no need for ladders. Due to awning windows being relatively innovative, by simply removing the pins surrounding the perimeter of the glass pane, you can remove the pane itself and quickly clean them by either soaking them (if your bath or sink permits objects of such size) or by placing them gently in a safe area and using a hose on a gentle setting to remove excess dirt. 

Also, ensure to use microfiber cloths to wipe down any dust on the frames to avoid later grime and this possibly impacting the longevity of the hinges. When it comes to the hinge mechanisms, interim lubricating using silicone-based lubricants will ensure that your awning windows are working to an optimal standard all year round. 

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