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Bay Windows

Create the look of a larger room!

With the combination of three or more individual panes, America’s Dream Bay Windows offer a panoramic view of the exterior of your property and allow large volumes of light to illuminate your rooms. Offering a projection to a previously flat wall, or using a previously built protrusion, bay windows maximize the space of your home and create a new space that adds additional levels to your home. 

Due to bay windows often being a focal point of the front of a home, regular cleaning is a necessary evil in order to maintain the clarity of the windows and to keep your home looking beautiful. Regular washing with a sponge, tepid water with a small amount of window cleaning solution mixed in, before being dried off with microfiber cloths or even window wax, will ensure that your windows look as good as new, all year round. 

When it comes to the vinyl or wooden framing of your window, it is important to frequently remove the dust during your regular cleaning routine, however, when the time comes around to wash your window panes, this same solution or a mildly abrasive cleaner will remove any tough stains and preserve the color and the lifespan of your framing. 

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