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Bow Windows

Add a bit of visual interest with windows that bow!

Similar to bay windows, bow windows consist of three or more separate glass panels arranged together within a curved, protruding frame. Our America’s Dream Bow Windows offer a similar level of panorama but incorporates a curved projection that minimizes any space taken from the front of your home. Providing a more space-conscious alternative, bow windows are ideal for anyone who wants the look of a bay window, without the need for a manually extended projection. 

Similar to any type of window – bay windows require some maintenance to keep them gleaming and attractive features of the exterior of your home. Annual or biannual cleaning using a tepid water and window cleaner solution to scrub off any grime and keep them free of stains, is essential. Using a microfiber cloth and some form of window wax will also help buff off any watermarks and remove only residue or stains left from the general wear and tear of windows. 

Also, to help maintain the quality of your vinyl or wooden framing, ensure that you regularly dust the interior frame to remove any dust or stains, yet during your annual window cleaning, ensure that you use the tepid solution – or even a more abrasive cleaner – to remove any stains and help sustain the color and longevity of your frame. 

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