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Casement Windows

Does your home need a touch of traditionalism as well as functionality?

Our America’s Dream Casement Windows are for you. With hinges at the side, these windows offer an easy-to-open solution to your need and appear almost as vast glass doors. Casement windows allow you to bring a staple feature to any room and allow vast quantities of light and warmth into your home, whilst still being able to relish in the beautiful views of your property. 

Unsurprisingly, casement windows require a mid to high level of maintenance, due to their size often encasing rectangular portions of the wall that reach from the ceiling to the floor, these windows are going to get relatively smeared over time. To combat this, investing in a handheld window vacuum that uses water and window cleaning solution to absorb any dirt or grime on the windows, leaving them with a beautiful shine. However, if buying a window vacuum is not your style – the traditional tepid water and window cleaning solution is a guaranteed method of removing any nasty stains or smears that might be on your windows. 

Additionally, the maintenance of the wooden, aluminum, or vinyl frame is essential, and it is advisable that you invest in a cleaning product that can safely remove any stains and grime from the materials you choose to frame your gorgeous casement windows. For example, the use of a window cleaning solution may not be entirely applicable to a metallic surface, so by using a lightly damp cloth and metal wax you will be able to bring back the shine and the quality of your America’s Dream Window frames. 

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