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Double Hung Windows

Versatility describes this style!

Versatility should be the middle name of Double Hung America’s Dream Windows due to the range of functions these windows have. Having two operating sashes that allow motion of either pane up or down, means that you can move either the top or bottom frame in the opposing direction to allow ventilation from the top or the bottom of the window; you can also tilt and angle either one of these panes to allow ventilation. These convenient America’s Dream Double Hung Windows allow you to bring functionality and style to every room in your house, with there being an array of potential sizes for double-hung windows to optimize them for your home. 

Due to the functionality of double-hung windows allowing you to tilt and move the panes of glass in any direction – this makes for a simplified cleaning experience. Gone are the days where scaling up a ladder with a bucket is the way to maintain your windows, for these, simply tilt the external side of the panes to face indoors, this will allow you to use a tepid mix of water and window cleaning solution to easily remove any stains off either side of the panes, meaning that both inside and out, your America’s Dream Windows are beautifully shining. 

Additionally, ensure to use microfiber cloths to remove any water stains and tough residues and to use the same window cleaning solution on your frames to ensure that everything is kept dust free and maintained to support the longevity of your double-hung windows. 

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