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Garden Windows

What are Garden Windows?

A distant cousin to both the bay and bow window, garden windows are perhaps the most spacious and expansive of all protruding windows. With a sloped ceiling and angled sides that create a box-like extension with the careful utilization of window technology; Our America’s Dream Garden Windows offer both space and huge volumes of light into any kitchen or room that it faces. Unlike other window installations, garden windows can often be used as a small storage area, where plants, trinkets, or utensils can be stored neatly in their own area.  

Due to the excess of glass used to comprise the structure of garden windows, careful maintenance is required to keep them at the highest quality possible. Due to the convex structure, the extended area is likely to regularly trap a lot of dust and smears, so it is important to regularly dust this area with a microfiber cloth and use window spray to reach the internally facing panes. However, on the outside, it is important to use a tepid mix of water and window cleaning solution to remove any smears and stains and to maximize the shine of the America’s Dream Garden Windows

Unlike other windows, garden windows tend to have a limited amount of framing that is easily maintained by regular washing with the same solution or a damp microfiber cloth, which helps preserve the color of the vinyl or wooden frame and ensure longevity to the product. 

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