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Picture Windows

If simplicity is what your looking for, then this is the style for you!

Perhaps one of the more minimal ranges of windows, picture windows are rectangular panes of glass all encased in a minimal frame. Our America’s Dream Picture Windows offer a huge level of versatility with their styles, as they can be adapted to open from the top of the window or the sides and to cover an entire wall with multiple picture windows within a minimal frame, or they can be stand-alone windows that allow a minimalistic source of light and scenery to any room in your home. 

Due to the frame not intruding on the glass panes, it is important to regularly maintain the windows using either a window vacuum (depending on how large your choice of picture windows is) or a tepid mix of water and window cleaning solution, which if used semi-regularly will help increase the overall shine and the clarity of the scenery. Also, by using a microfiber cloth, you will be able to remove any irritating water stains and smears and ensure that from both internally and externally, your windows look visually appealing and sleek. 

Due to the low level of window framing required to create these windows and install them in your home, maintenance of the frame is a subsidiary priority in comparison to the glass itself. However, if you notice any stains or discoloration, make sure to clean them using a damp microfiber cloth or the previously mentioned window cleaning solution. 

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