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Sliding Windows

Windows for the sun-lovers!

Similar to casement windows, Our America’s Dream Sliding Windows offer windows that cover the entirety of a wall, yet they open through sliding mechanisms as opposed to using hinges. Often two respective panes of glass that overlap each other by a few inches are paired together on a flat mechanism that lies against the floor, which allows each pane to slide past each other and overlap to leave space in which can be used to ventilate the room or as a doorway for people to exit and enter the room. 

Due to the huge size of these windows, they often require more regular cleaning and additional maintenance in comparison to other window types. A recommended investment would be a window vacuum that allows you to easily wipe away the dirt and smears off the window through absorption, leaving you with a gleaming window on both the interior and exterior. However, if you prefer to use a tepid water and window cleaning solution mix, you can easily wipe away any dirt and leave a shining window free of any grubbiness. It is then important to use a microfiber cloth or leather chamois to absorb any residue left from the water to maintain the shine and reduce the potential of water stains. 

Additionally, the sliding mechanism attached to both the ceiling and floor will require some maintenance over time, particularly if this mechanism is used repeatedly. Lubrication through the use of silicone lubricants will ensure that when sliding the panes across the mechanism that the risk of it seizing up is reduced and that the product will be optimized for regular use. Also, if the slide mechanism features grooves, then it is essential that you regularly remove any clogged dirt to ensure that your installation works to the highest standard.  

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