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Bay Windows Versus Bow Windows

bow windows

Windows can come in many styles to fit the goals for your home design. Many designers want to create more space and projection with the windows. If this is your goal, bay or bow windows are often a good choice. However, there are differences in the window types. Learn more below:

Bay Windows

Bay windows offer a panoramic view of your property and allow large volumes of light to access your room. This is achieved by combining three or more individual panes. Doing so, maximizes the room’s space which is the most beneficial reason to install bay windows into your home.

Often bay windows are a focal point in the front of your home. Regular cleaning is required to maintain clarity.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows consist of three or more separate panels of glass within a curved, protruding frame. Bow windows offer a similar level of panorama but incorporates a curved projection that minimizes any space taken from the front of your home. Providing a more space-conscious alternative, bow windows are ideal for anyone who wants the look of a bay window, without the need for a manually extended projection.

Similar to bay windows, bow windows also require some maintenance to keep them gleaming and attractive features of the exterior of your home.

A house designer can help you decide whether bay or bow windows are the better choice for your home. Contact K-Designers today for more information on windows. We install and replace windows in Sacramento, California.

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